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The New Senior Center For Santa Rosa
"Final Phase of Fundraising Kicks Off!"

SENIORS, Inc. was founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of raising funds to enable the planning, design and construction of a new “active” Senior Wing for Santa Rosa’s Finley Community Center.

Final Phase Of Fundraising Kicks Off!

Seniors, Inc. is actively raising funds to complete the final phase (phase three) of the new Senior Wing at Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa. The required figure is $2.2 million to complete the interior of the 25,000-square-foot addition. Previous funding for Phase 1 & 2 came from private donations, park development fees, and corporate sponsors.

Innovative, Comprehensive Services And Programs

The new Senior Wing will provide programs and services that meet the changing needs of our citizens as they “age-in-community.” The center will offer programs that encompass health, recreational, educational, cultural, nutritional and social services. Plans include multi-functional spaces for multiple programs that will appeal to all ages.

Embracing Our Opportunities

A wealth of retirees means a wealth of resources—mature people with the knowledge, the willingness, and the time to provide valuable volunteerism for the community. The new center will allow us to encourage civic engagement and youth-mentoring programs, and innovative intergenerational programs through active, participating seniors. These new programs will create a stronger sense of purpose, productivity and vitalization for our seniors which will promote better physical and mental health. Our youth will benefit from the wisdom, patience, and better understanding of our seniors. The new Senior Center will benefit our community and all generations for decades to come.

Upcoming Events - 2012

Historic Groundbreaking for the New Senior Center - click to view press release

Historic Groundbreaking for the New Senior Center

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